Not all projects at Idestini are large. We often help with quick, small projects too.

We recently helped Cypress Resources of Alabama develop a Zapier workflow. They are using HelloSign to help process loan applications on behalf of banks. Once the appropriate forms are complete, they want to automatically send an invoice. While their team is familiar with Zapier and workflow automation, this Zap required some new triggers that they needed help getting started with.

Our team helped them setup a Zapier integration that listens for HelloSign signature requests. When it finds completed requests for the documents they care about, it then triggers an invoice to their customer.

We did this using the following Zapier integrations:

  1. Webhooks by Zapier to catch the raw webhook from HelloSign and configuring Cypress Resources’ HelloSign API account for account callbacks.
  2. Code by Zapier task to run custom Javascript to parse and create logic to find the signature events that were relevant.
  3. Formatter by Zapier task to run logic on the JavaScript output to calculate the total invoice amount based on business rules.
  4. Quickbooks Online task to find or create the customer in Quickbooks Online and then invoice the customer.

All in all, we spent less than 5 hours to help them get this concept off the ground and train their team to understand the Zap. They can customize this workflow to match each bank client’s specifications and not worry about having to keep track of who is invoiced.

Do you have a workflow that would benefit from this level of automation?