Is your website slow? Do visitors leave your e-commerce site without making a purchase often? Is your site missing from searches or are you ranking low on the list of your competitors?

Optimizing your website or web-based store should be a top priority.

Here are a few tips to get you seen and get you sped up:

Inspect your SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your content and site structure in hopes of getting a higher search ranking and more visitors to your space on the web. Learning about and following best-practices should become something you implement as you build your content. 

Use an SEO analyzer or inspector to discover what issues your website currently has. A lot of issues are content-oriented and can be easily remedied.

Check out your page performance

Using a tool like or Lighthouse, which is available in the Developer tools inside Chrome, will help you identify issues regarding the performance of your website. Running an audit on your site can show you how quickly your site loads and how quickly your visitors can interact with the content. It will give you a a quick rundown of the issues you should take to your website developer.

Optimize the mobile user’s experience

More than 70% of web traffic comes from a mobile device, and if your website or e-commerce store doesn’t look great or perform well, you’re going to lose potential customers. Google Search Console’s Mobile-Friendly Tester will give you tips to improve how your content is presented to the handheld world. 

Structure data for rich results

Search engines provide enhanced search results on sites with structured data, or schema markup. Schema adds context to a search result and can help your site appear in a prominent position on the results page. Adding this markup to your website is more advanced, but will make a difference in getting your content to the right people.

Not sure how to implement these strategies? Schedule a call with us and let us help you get your business running smoothly!