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Happy Holidays!

As we draw to a close of 2015, I find myself extremely grateful to Idestini’s clients, contract employees, and friends this year. We had great projects this year and nearly every one of them came about because of meaningful relationships. The relationships that ultimately grew my business year came in many forms, from former co-workers, partners in the Little Rock developer community, fellow small business owners, and people met at networking events such as 1 Million Cups Little Rock, Little Rock Tech Fest, NWA Tech Summit, and more. To each and every one of you that influenced this year for Idestini - thank you. Thank you for having confidence in my ability to serve your friends and companies in providing quality websites and pragmatic software solutions.

To friends and new friends that agreed to do contract work for Idestini this year - thank you for doing awesome, trustworthy jobs. Your labors were vital to our operation this year. Working with each of you brought a new level of comfort to the idea of bringing in help when the workload was great. This year’s good experiences with contract help have given me the confidence to bring on my first real team member. I am kicking into 2016 with a new associate by my side and I know she will be instrumental in expanding the availability of Idestini’s website packages and search engine and online marketing optimization services.

I am very much looking forward to what 2016, my third year of business, will bring. It’s hard to imagine topping this year - but I know we will!

Sincerest wishes for a very blessed, safe, and joyous holiday season.

-Abby Sims

About the author

Abby Sims

Abby Sims is passionate about growing small and mid-size businesses through well-done websites and custom software. She has 18 years experience in the web and software development industry. She has worked in every developer position imaginable on a broad range of web and software development projects for non-profits, governmental agencies and public and private companies, really large and small. She is a pragmatic developer who likes to get things done.

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