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If you are going to be running your own business, there will inevitably be tasks that you would rather not be responsible for. Some tasks are simply tedious and a distraction. Consider outsourcing them! 

These online resources below are just a few places you can use to find part-time, freelance, or done-for-you help.

Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant can be a low-cost option for hourly and ad-hoc help. Virtual assistants are perfect for taking over your recurring tasks such as payroll, invoicing, and reporting. Try these sites to find your VA.

Horkey Handbook: 

Productized Services Companies

If you like the reassurance of feeling like there is a team behind your tasks, consider looking for a company that treats common tasks as a done-for-you service. Looking for assistance on any of your bookkeeping, marketing content creation, or graphic design? Try this selection of sites.

Bench (bookkeeping) 
Audience Ops (marketing content) 
Design Pickle (graphic design) 


Freelancers are typically hired on a project basis, but can also be used for recurring tasks like content writing. Upwork and Freelancer are easy to use sites to help your hunt in finding a suitable freelancer for your project.


White-Glove Networks

If you are looking for a more reliable, vetted lead on possible freelancers, these website sites offer a more expensive but stronger pool of freelancers.

Dribbble Talent: 
Scalable Path: