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Northside Sales, Co.

Northside Sales, Co. needed a secure, easily manageable, multi-site E-commerce solution.


  • Magento ecommerce Development
  • PHP Development
  • Product and Data Migration
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Responsive Design

With over 5,000 items actively in stock, Northside Sales, Co. tailors to a special niche market of hard to find industrial and safety items.When their existing E-commerce solution no longer fit the needs of them as a expanding business, Northside Sales, Co. contracted Idestini for a complete site over-haul. What makes Northside Sales, Co. a unique client, other than the specilized products they carry, is that is only one of six E-commerce stores that Northside Sales, Co. operates. Leveraging the Magneto Platform, we have been successful creating an effective solution to meet the needs of Northside Sales, Co. as they continue to grow.

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