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Are your current business processes and software blocking success?

Do you feel frustrated by your business workflows? Do you find yourself using software that doesn’t fit your needs, or inhibits your efficiency? Are your employees forced to use antiquated methods that slow down progress? Do you feel like you could be more effective if you had the right tools for the job? You’re not alone.

Your business is unique. It is common to feel boxed in when you’re using software created for someone else’s needs. You shouldn’t have to conform your workflow or limit your productivity to work with existing software. The nuances of your workflow are important to keep your business functioning. You are paying for and working around features that you don’t need, and that wastes both time and money. It can be frustrating to use a tool that’s not right for the job.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of those pesky tasks could be automated? Are you tired of juggling spreadsheets, documents, and calendars?

Innovative tech is key to success. 

As you develop new products and services, your software should support you and your team. Don’t let your software hold you back from creating the next best thing. As your business grows and expands, you need new tools to support that work efficiently. You may even need new ways of doing many of your daily duties. 

When it’s time for new software solutions, you need a partner that will be honest and pragmatic.  You need someone that will lead you in the most practical way.

At Idestini we understand the importance of doing the job properly. We know that your time is valuable, it’s as important as a financial investment. You may feel like custom software is unattainable, but it’s not! We’ll work with you to build an application that lets you relax and know that your business is supported by custom software that works! .

Build the custom software the truly supports your team

We begin with a roadmap.  The roadmap lays out the plans for your project in a logical, practical pattern system.  Think of it as a fly-over of your project.  This high-level overview of your software project helps both you and our team understand your vision.  We’ll develop a strategy to prioritize the features according to your needs

We then take the roadmap and we break it down in intuitive small steps using the Kanban method.  Kanban is a visual way of managing workflow.   We use Kanban because it allows us to be efficient, while also adapting and remaining focused on your needs. The visual aspect of Kanban makes the process intuitive and keeps the project on track.  Each feature in your roadmap is prioritized and written as a story to explain who benefits from a certain feature, and why it’s important.  Breaking down the roadmap into shortened stories creates valuable, testable portions of the software and ensures that it’s correctly built. 


We approach the project with an agile mindset. You are an integral part of the process from beginning to end. You’ll take an active, collaborative role in the development of your software by testing out the features as they are deployed.  Instead of waiting months to see the features come to life, you’ll be trying out your software throughout the process.

If you think you are ready to make the jump to custom software ownership, schedule a call. Let’s discuss your project. We can show you how to move forward in the right way. We believe that you should confidently know that your business and team are supported with custom software solutions that you can depend on.

You deserve a tailored software solution that actually works for your business.

We get it. With so many options available to businesses today, it seems overwhelming to pick between software products. Most almost do everything you need. Or, you end up having to manage many tools that offer more features than you need.

We know investing in custom software feels like an expensive, impossible task. We are passionate about simplifying custom software projects to work for your team and budget.

 Working with us is a simple process.

Assess Your business

We do some discovery about your business, your customers, and your goals to make sure there’s a fit for working together.

create your roadmap

We meet with your team, help you make key decisions, and develop a Roadmap that lays out a solution that solves your biggest problems.

build awesome software

With a plan in place, we build and launch your custom software that works well for your business. You’re more efficient and productive.



Imagine happy employees who have time to do more valuable work.

If you are tired of your business not running as efficiently as you know it could, you are like many business owners we know. It is possible to have your very own custom software that exists to support your business and the way you want to work.

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