Most entrepreneurs are burning cash on overseas teams that deliver broken, complex, and unattractive solutions

We clear up that mess and give you pragmatic software that works, looks great, and drives your startup toward success.
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All startups want their service to be awesome and when starting out, end up sacrificing quality for done.

Most entrepreneurs start out with little money to invest in custom software and are forced to cobble together an initial solution outsourced to cheap, overseas teams. After a while, you have a service but it’s not what you envisioned. 

You know that you’ll have to fix it some day, but how?

Can’t afford to hire full-time designers and developers?

Need a team you can trust with little oversight?

Are you frustrated and under-productive?

Have incomplete and unreliable analytics?

Worried it is too expensive to work with a good team?

Idestini can help. Let’s talk.

Entrepreneurs we have helped

Get the right software to run your startup

Assessment (FREE!)

We do some discovery about your business, your customers, and your goals to make sure there’s a fit for working together.

create your roadmap

We meet with your team, help you make key decisions, and develop a Roadmap that lays out a solution that solves your biggest problems.

build awesome software

With a plan in place, you get custom software tailored to your your business needs. You’re more efficient and productive.

You deserve a reliable, delightful software solution that actually works for your startup!

We know you need a better solution. One that is tailored to your specific challenges and audiences. At Idestini, we work with you to create software solutions that fit your vision, needs, and budget so that your team and clients are productive and happy.